This site is dedicated to one of the most exclusive and magnificent yachts ever built: the Russian Imperial Yacht Standart. At her time (late nineteenth - early twentieth century) she was the most elegant ship in existence and was the dream of every crowned head or millionaire. Purpose built to serve the Russian Emperor and his family she became the classic example how yachts at that time were to be designed. More or less the design of future yachts was based on the magnificent lines and technology used on the Imperial Yacht Standart.

Standart at her best - Elegant and Gracious in all Respects (1896)

The Imperial Yacht Standart herself was designed based on experiences gained from a long and impressive line of earlier Russian Imperial Yachts and her technology was extremely impressive even to today's standards. Although time has almost whiped out all traces of her existence and a period of neglectance and lack of true historic interest in all matters pertaining to the lifes of the last Romanovs has had a destructive effect, the Imperial Yacht Standart is not forgotten.

For some twenty years now I carry with me a non-diminishing interest in the life of Nicholas II, the last Emperor of all the Russians, his family and Imperial Russia in general; this continued interest for Nicholas II (I was thirteen when all of this started) has been the fundament for a vast knowledge on Imperial Russia. With Russian archives opening up and the internet as the unlimited source of information I'm convinced that we're on the treshold of a "revamp" of Russia's impressive history.

Emperor Nicholas II on Board the Imperial Yacht Standart (1912)

This site categorizes the information I've gathered over the years in relation to the Imperial Yacht Standart; although limited in subject I'm of the opinion that the history in relation to the Imperial Yacht Standart is exemplary for the history related to Nicholas II; exciting, amazing, sometimes unbelievable, impressive, lively and in the end tragic. These sites are my first steps to a professional categorization of the subject and by the same token my first experiences in "webbuilding".

Through this site I hope I will be able to convey the understanding that Standart, apart from being the yacht to the last Emperor of all the Russians, deserves a place of her own and was truly unique.

I wish to thank all those individuals, institutions, museums, companies, etc. for their support in obtaining information for that persistent Dutchman and his obsession for a ship. Above all I wish to thank my wife, Anki, for her continued support and understanding.

I very much appreciate your comments, share of information and / or opinions,


Harald Hendriksen

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