Maiden Trip


Upon Standart's completion, end of August 1896, a unique set of photographs was made by order of the shipyard. When looking at these photographs today, they truly give the impression of a world gone by forever. The craftmanship and love for detail is so clearly present in each of these photographs that it is not difficult to understand why Standart was unique and an example to other Royal Yachts and Ships of State.


The contract for Standart stipulated that she should be able to maintain an average speed of 20 knots for 12 consecutive hours, the mean draught of the ship being 20 ft. On actual trial her speed, on a 12 hours run, was 21.5 knots on average and during this trial her performance over a measured distance of 27.5 nautical miles showed a speed of 21.75 knots, the runs being made both ways in order to eliminate the influence of currents and tides. The dynamos and the main engines averaged 12,000 indicated horse-power throughout the trial.

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